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GRUPO HV signs a cooperation agreement with FESBAL, the Spanish FOOD BANK Federation

Supportive and committed to Society

We are pleased to inform that an important collaboration agreement was signed on the 22 April, at the headquarters of the SPANISH FOOD BANK FEDERATION (FESBAL) in Madrid, which was represented by its Managing Director Mr. Manuel Juristo Sánchez, and GRUPO HV, represented by Mr. Carlos Rodríguez Mayo, our esteemed manager and colleague.
This agreement is aimed at establishing the legal framework for collaboration to regulate the DONATION of food by GRUPO HV to several FOOD BANKS belonging to FESBAL.

The FOOD BANKS that will receive the donation are those in all the provinces where the companies belonging to GRUPO HV have a production centre, which are the following: Ávila, Barcelona, Cadiz, Lleida, Navarra, Palencia and Zaragoza.

The amount donated may reach the annual figure of 64 metric tonnes, depending on the food product chosen by the food banks, who are free to choose from our range of packed pasta and flours depending on their priorities and needs.

FESBAL has the aim of promoting, coordinating, guiding and collaborating in the activities organised by the FOOD BANK; facilitate access to the Banks; prepare statistics and joint publicity and the development of legal and administrative assessment; represent them before the Central administration bodies, and before other non-profit organisations and companies that provide food or that help the banks' activity in the area of competence; and in all, provide all the services that may help FESBAL accomplish its objective, the free distribution of food among the neediest people of our society, through charities.

On the other hand, our GRUPO HARINERA VILAFRANQUINA (GRUPO HV), is a business and industrial group formed by several business corporations, the parent company of which is "2000 HOLDING FARINERA VILAFRANQUINA, S.L.", and has following subsidiaries, among others: "HARINERA VILAFRANQUINA, S.A.", "GURIA, S.A.", "HARINERA DEL PISUERGA, S.A.U.", "OROMAS, S.A." and "LA PREFERIDA, S.A.".

Our GRUPO HV forms a group of companies that bases its work, among other aspects, on a clear commitment towards social responsibility. Today, this determination shall focus and concentrate in the action and commitment to solidarity here mentioned, providing and facilitating the delivery of food to particularly disadvantaged groups and to needed people of our society, through the FOOD BANKS and the different approved charities.

We are very proud of this collaboration!