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New special dry flour

Flour V-15/8e.

Recently Harinera Vilafranquina, S.A. has initiated trading of the flour V-15/8e.
It is the result of the demands of our clients to produce a flour specially manufactured for its use as sprinkle flour.

With its texture and humidity this flour offers a splendid fluidity and dosage. Also, it’s preservation is better, avoiding problems of mould and insects. These are the main advantages of this flour, although it has many others that are specified in the following section.

his flour is marketed in sacks of 25 kg.
The market reception has surpassed expectations! Try it!

Why do we recommend it?
- 20-30% decrease in the habitual consumption in the flour producing factories due to a higher absorption capacity for being a dry flour and due to its high regularity in the low dosage as a result of its fluidity.

- It prevents a high percentage of opened pieces in the folding process due to an excessive quantity of flour in the normal dosage. Due to its fluidity it is possible to adjust its low dosification to minimum dosages.

- The mechanism failures in the pieces flow detection (human or cell failures) are highly reduced since dry flours have little adherence to these mechanisms.

- As a consequence of its low humidity properties, the possible development of larvae and insects is more restricted.  The possibility of mould appearing on the flour in the corners during the process due to an excess of flour and humidity is also avoided.

- For its grading and fluidity it avoids the production of vaults in the flour factories avoiding the inconveniences caused by the moments in which the flour is not dosified.

- For its low adherent capacity it fosters the maintenance of the bags in the settling chambers for a longer time, avoiding to a great extent, the creation of masses of wet flour.