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Company specializing in flour and durum wheat semolina production
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H.V. celebrates its first Solar Photovoltaic Plant.

Always committed and concerned for the Environment, our company celebrated last September the start of its first solar photovoltaic plant.

It is a facility for the use of renewable energy sources with a rated capacity that reaches 100 kW., which includes 455 photovoltaic modules, and located in the industrial area that the company has in the Internal Perimeter of the Cadiz Customs-Free Area.

The facility contributes in favor of a new and enhanced energy model, “more diversified, safe and less pollutant”, favoring the energy efficiency and the increased use of all clean energy sources, whose long term effects shall contribute to a more sustainable development and to the respect for the Environment.

It is remarkable that this new action of HARINERA VILAFRANQUINA adds to the good practices of the company regarding the recycling of materials, to the non-generation of dumping of waste water, to the control of emission of solid particles to the atmosphere, to prevent the emission of vibrations and noise to the natural environment and to the good results of our Energy Saving Programme.

For all this, we have reasons to congratulate ourselves.